Managing Multiple Long Term Care Facilities with Dynamics GP

There may be a range of long term care facilities under your community management. You may have an assisted living facility, independent living facility and nursing home facility. Managing all the files for residents to provide superior quality care can be a hassle, especially when you have residents moving from one facility to the next for more advanced care. Having databases that are integrated and shares data records is essential, as manually inputting all the information into each database can be time consuming as well as introduce more errors and omissions into records.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP Providing Integration Solutions for Long Term Care Facilities

Managing multiple long term care organizations all at once becomes an easier process with Microsoft Dynamics GP. This system integrates each individual management system to allow for more real-time sharing of information. The ERP software solution provides more automated reporting methods for all departments, from accounting to compliance, to ensure that data is accessible at all times.

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to perform the following functions:

  • multi-entity financial reporting
  • automate transaction and accounting workflows
  • obtain real-time budget updates
  • allows for enhanced business management tracking
  • establish stronger internal controls and compliance reporting
  • Simplify inventory management and supply procurement
  • offers better management of residents’ contracts and accounts


Enhanced Database Management with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Updating outdated database systems and streamlining your operational management with every long term care organization in your corporate community can be accomplished with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Providing this essential ERP tool to your staff will ensure data entry, reporting and management can be accomplished in a more efficient manner.

In addition, when new facilities are acquired, their management and data systems can easily be updated and combined into the centralized system. Your staff won’t have to learn new software applications to access the available data records.

Hear from a Long Term Care provider how they use Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage multiple facilities:


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