Make Your Customers Love You with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

A whopping 61% of customers stop doing business when they have a poor experience. See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help.

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    A whopping 61% of customers stop doing business when they have a poor customer experience. Now, if you flip that over, 89% will stick around if they enjoy working with that company. Therefore, a main pain point that you see in customer service today is what is geared around loyalty.

    The first step in exceeding your customers expectations is to know those expectations. Today’s customers expect a very high level of personalization. And if we fail to meet that level of personalization, then we are at risk of losing those customers and possibly not gaining new ones.

    If you look at the landscape for customer service, automation and artificial intelligence are key. Artificial intelligence or AI are capabilities such as virtual agent and the ability to actually engage with customers from an omni channel perspective.

    Yet, many companies don’t have the systems in place to actually deploy that omni channel experience for the customer.

    Today’s customers also prefer the ability login to a portal or even I just go to a website and I’ve got some information that I can gather, as opposed to picking up the phone and calling in to talk to someone. And a lot of people actually want to solve their own issues. In fact, 73% of consumers point to their experience with a brand as an important factor in purchasing to the point where a positive experience working with that brand supersedes great advertising. So that says a lot of what people are looking for now they are looking for the entire customer experience to be great, right? Not just good. They want it to be great. Therefore, you need to have some systems in place to facilitate that so that your customer service agent can deliver that experience.

    Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer service can help your organization exceed expectations and gain loyal customers.