Lessons Learned For Implementing ERP Systems in the Public Sector

Do you want a connected ERP system with all of your information readily available with very little complexity? Dynamics AX is the solution.

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    At a recent conference for Government Finance Officers, Microsoft provided the results of a study of over 200 public sector financial leaders. A study, The Real Impact of ERP Systems in the Public Sector, identifies some of the best practices for successfully implementing an ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Here is a sampling of two of the key points within this study:

    • Planning: Up-front due diligence lent success to endeavors. Many noted that they spent significant time in planning and setup, and commented that this effort made their implementation projects successful.
    • Management Endorsement: Strong endorsement from the top trickled down and positively motivated implementation efforts. Executive leadership needed to provide ongoing communications and ensure appropriate staffing.

    The full report goes on to explain some of the cautions that should be heeded that can adversely affect an implementation of a complex ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics AX is one of the solutions that allows you to accomplish your goals of having a connected ERP system with all of your information readily available with very little complexity. As mentioned in this news release, Microsoft and GFOA Consulting Survey Reports Public Sector Best Practices Around Enterprise Resource Planning, there are several Public Sector organizations who have implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX and find it fully meets their needs. If you are interested in more information on how Microsoft Dynamics AX can work for you, contact us.

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