Instant Additions: Microsoft Rolls Out SharePoint Online Upgrades

In a recent blog post from Microsoft Senior Product Manager for SharePoint, Mark Kashman, reveals a few expected improvements based on feedback from Office 365 and SharePoint online customers.  The growth of Office 365, coupled with more companies moving their social and collaboration needs to the cloud, generated three specific upgrades to SharePoint Online

1. Improved File Upload Size:

The SkyDrive Pro storage upgrades from 7 GB to 25 GB per user, with the ability to increase up to 100 GB. To compliment this, the file upload limit was increased from 250MB to 2 GB and support was expanding to include a broad array of file types, including .exe and .dll files. With more accepted files, the number of sync failures due to unsupported files should reduce.

2. Increased Site Collection and List Lookup Limits:

The number of site collections that each Office 365 Enterprise customer can create will expand from 3,000 to 10,000 site collections from within their Admin center. In addition, the relationship threshold for list lookups in SharePoint Online will increase from 8 to 12 relations. This is done to improve the usability of list lookups to create improve the depth and accuracy of custom solution sites.

3. Improved Self-Restoration:

Even the Recycle Bin needs the occasional upgrade. The auto-delete time for the Recycle Bin will increase from 30 to 90 days in order to help customer recover previous versions or deleted documents. In addition, “versioning” will be on by default, with 10 versions retained in Office 365 to help with deletion and overwriting errors.

These updates are currently rolling out to Office 365 and SharePoint Online customers. Make sure you’re taking advantage of Microsoft SharePoint, and you can earn 3 free seats of Office 365 when you register for SBS Group’s 7th Annual Client Summit, in New Jersey and Chicago, coming this October.

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