Guaranteeing a Productive and Error Free Staff

In business, organizations must account for the possibilities of human error. Learn how Microsoft D365 BC can help minimize these errors.

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    In business, organizations must account for the possibilities of human error. Human error can arise when staff members are asked to complete tasks outside of their comfort zone. Typically managers will categorize these errors as slips and lapses (skill-based errors), or mistakes. Regardless of the terminology, mistakes or lapses can be costly.

    While it is difficult to guarantee perfection, there are ways to mitigate human error in your organization, and oftentimes it’s through investing in the right systems that serve your business and its team. Recognizing errors can occur and putting process in place to minimize the possibility is an important first step.

    To begin, the importance of having a clean, working database is immeasurable. When a company’s database is in a state of disarray, it can wreak havoc and present a variety of challenges, as well as opportunities for error in the organization. Let’s examine some of those pain points and scenarios below.

    1. Onboarding new employees: It can be difficult to onboard new employees if your company’s processes aren’t well-defined. What holds many businesses back are outdated technologies, inefficient home-grown systems, such as having Human Resources (HR) manage the onboarding processes via spreadsheets.
    2. Manual data entry in multiple systems: Errors most often happen when employees are required to retype information from one system into another. This can become an especially big issue when rekeying information into state and federal compliancy sites. There’s also no checks or balances with manual processes or spreadsheets. It’s impossible to know who made the change and when that change happened. Without an audit trail there’s no way to guarantee a productive error-free staff.
    3. Employee turnover: If an integral member of your team leaves the company and you have no handover processes in place, your business can experience a setback while another team member—or worse yet, a new hire—attempts to figure out what was going on and how things were managed. This kind of internal chaos makes the company appear disorganized and unprofessional to customers or clients. It can also impact the retention of new hires. Employees do not want to work in an environment with unclear processes or a database that serves no real purpose.

    Business Central Boosts Productivity

    Whether you’re a business decision maker, business user, developer, or functional consultant the Microsoft Business Central learning catalog is a great resource to find the right online training, in-person workshops and/or informational events based on your role.

    Business Central is a modern cloud-based platform that allows organizations to onboard and train its employees faster and more efficiently. This in turn boosts the productivity of new team members quicker, as the system is designed to bring everyone up to speed and on the same page.

    At Velosio, we believe the benefits Business Central offers helps guarantee a productive and error free staff.

    Let’s examine the 5 Benefits of Business Central here:

    • Modern user-friendly platform: The platform looks and works much like systems everyone is used to i.e., Outlook, Teams, Excel etc. This familiarity makes it easier for the incoming generation of users to quickly learn and understand Business Central versus older applications or using manual processes.
    • Merges with other tech: Business Central integrates with other Microsoft solutions so you can work where you’re comfortable and that information is sent back to Business Central. For example, you can complete a sales order in Outlook and route that back to the database through an integration with Business Central.
    • More seamless workflow: The reduction (and in many cases the elimination) of manual processes and spreadsheets guarantees greater consistency in work processes. Everyone has access to the same information – one single source of truth. No one wants to manage data in a variety of different places or systems; it’s tedious and provides no real insight into reporting. It’s also crucial that a business understands inventory levels, what needs to be produced, the profit for each item, etc.
    • Makes perfect sense: With standardization of processes and business data an organization can operate more efficiently with fewer errors. While practice makes perfect, the more your staff becomes familiar with the platform, the better they will get at using it.
    • Matchmade for manufacturing: Full insight into data helps the business decision maker make better decisions. This is especially true for companies in manufacturing. With manufacturing in Business Central, your team can access:
      • Production orders
      • Bill of materials
      • Inventory forecasting
      • Supply planning

    The level of visibility that Business Central allows is what makes this database a solid choice for organizations. Everyone from finance to management, to production, and quality control has access to what the processes are and what needs to be done.

    Velosio’s team of Microsoft Business Central experts can work with your organization to walk you through the process of software selection, implementation, and partnering with your in-house I.T. to bring all users up to speed, support employee buy-in and avoid human error in your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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