How to Synchronize Team-Owned Accounts and Contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. Open personal options.
    1. In the web client, select the Tools icon to the right of your name/picture, then select Options.
    2. In the Outlook client, select File > CRM Options > Personal Options.
  1. Set Sync options.
    1. Select the Synchronization Tab, then select filters.
    2. Select New.
  1. Set the Filter.
    1. Change “Look For” to Contact.
    2. Click the blue “Select” button and choose the field called Status.
    3. In the middle column on the same line as Status, select Equals.
    4. In the right-hand column select Active.
    5. Click the blue “Select” button again, and select the field called Owner.
    6. In the middle column on the same line, select Equals Current User’s Teams.
    7. Select Save.
  1. Name the Filter.
    1. Give this filter a name, then select Save.
    2. Select File, then Close.
  1. Repeat for Accounts – Leads – Opportunities.
    1. Follow those same steps for Accounts, Leads or Opportunities, if you want to synchronize those.
  1.  Finish.
    1. Click OK twice on the two open screens to save your changes.
    2. If Outlook is open, close it.
    3. Open Outlook and wait for the records to synchronize.