How to Improve Operational Efficiencies in the Field

Field service businesses need a management solution that enables them to dispatch the right people with the right equipment for every service call.

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    Field service businesses, by definition, have unique requirements that have not been addressed in the past by traditional ERP or accounting software products.

    It all boils down to their mobile workforce and the need to dispatch the right people with the right equipment for every service call. Fortunately, new technologies currently available are specifically designed for field service and incorporate the functionality for optimizing operational efficiencies.

    Field Service Management for Microsoft Dynamics

    FieldConnect is a mobile workforce management add-on solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. FieldConnect increases operational efficiencies with intelligent resource scheduling, provides field workers with accurate, real-time work order information, and improves the way work orders are handled.

    Work Order Requests with FieldConnect

    New work order requests should be prioritized based on factors such as field technician availability, skill set, duration, urgency, and promised delivery date. Even when a technician is on-site, FieldConnect provides access to the work order information. It also enables technicians to update or close a request from the field using their mobile device. The new work order data flows back to the back-office data within Microsoft Dynamics, thereby avoiding the need for duplicate data entry.

    Optimized Resource Scheduling

    Service call scheduling is made easier, allowing work orders to be scheduled by skill set, availability, and location of field workers. When resource scheduling is streamlined, dispatchers can maximize productivity more have more time to handle exceptions and  resolve billing issues.

    Increased First-time Fix Rates

    If you know what items need to be on each truck before it is dispatched, then the issue at hand can be resolved on the first visit, thereby increasing your “first-time fix” rate. The key is having access to the relevant customer account information, even if you’re not in the office. That’s exactly what a field service management solution like FieldConnect accomplishes.

    Efficient and Cost Effective Field Service Management

    Efficiencies reduce costs. Improving operational efficiencies in the field will reduce not just labor costs, but expenses such as gas and truck maintenance, too. In the end, that’s how you will be able to transform your field service operation from a cost center to a profit center.

    Microsoft Dynamics enables financial and operational efficiencies in the office. FieldConnect enables operational efficiencies and cost-cutting in the field. That’s a win-win solution for you and your customers.

    Why Velosio for FieldConnect?

    Velosio’s deep understanding of Microsoft Dynamics and FieldConnect, and their decades of experience working with field services companies, makes us your go-to partner for integrating your mobile workforce with your front and back office.