How to Customize Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Theme

How to Customize Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Theme

With the new and exciting April 2019 release, Microsoft has decided to satisfy our desire for aesthetics and character with portalTheme Customization in Dynamics 365 applications.

Previously, the top-most header of your organization’s Dynamics 365 application defaulted to the theme with the turquoise “waffle” and the black background. The fresh update empowers end users to customize the header with the organization’s logo, images, and colors to increase the sense of ownership and culture.

Customizing Your Dynamics 365 Portal Theme

We begin our journey from the Office 365 page. Find and click “Admin”. If you do not see it listed, you can type “admin” on the search bar to have it presented to you.

Office 365 admin app

In the Admin Center, go to “Settings” → “Organization profile” → “Manage custom themes for your organization” then press “Edit”.

Dynamics 365 admin portal

A panel named “Navigation bar customization” will slide out from the right. This is where the magic happens.

Click “Save” when finished.

Dynamics 365 portal theme customization

While customizing your Dynamics 365 portal and theme has little to do with more important IT functions, a strong sense of culture is powerful to any organization. Sure, a company’s logo or colors may not be as exciting and blood-boiling as that of your favorite sports team, but it does provide the same sense of belonging and respect for the organization you are part of.

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