How to Attach Word Template Edits in GP 2016

Ready to Upgrade?Featuring new improvements across the board Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is the latest iteration of the industry standard ERP solution. Some of these improvements are obvious, such as the improved interface. Others are subtler tweaks and improvements designed to save users time and energy in specific ways. One new feature that fits the latter category is the addition of the ability to attach Word template edit lists for batch-related workflows.

This feature enables users to attach templates containing edit lists to emails. Featuring several new templates across multiple modules, these templated will have detailed information from each of the associated edit lists, providing the recipient who is intended to approve the workflow a better, more complete understanding of what exactly they are approving. This also has the advantage of not requiring GP to be active to get an overview of the workflow being approved. This means that approvals can be made remotely, outside of GP, eliminating the problem of waiting on approvers to be back on premises before approvals can be made.

This small but highly significant tweak will increase the efficiency of the workflow-approval process, speeding up the overall time of approval, enabling users to get more done in less time.  This is just one of the seemingly minor improvements to Dynamics GP 2016 that, in reality, makes a big difference in day to day operations.

See how to attach Word template edit lists for batch-related workflows here: