How Much of Your Accounting is Happening Outside of QuickBooks?

Here are the top 3 warning signs that are telling you too much of your accounting is happening outside of QuickBooks and what to do about it.

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    It is possible that if you are still running your business on a system like QuickBooks, you may often find yourself needing to change your business practices in order to work with your system. This is because QuickBooks is limited to core set of accounting functions with little to no room for growth. As a result, additional spreadsheets, pricy custom applications, and new financial systems find their way into your current processes. As your business is growing and expanding, you will find that QuickBooks will begin to pull you back down.

    Here are the top three warning signs that are telling you too much of your accounting is happening outside of QuickBooks:

    1. Adding new product lines, sales channels, or locations is difficult to near impossible. Because QuickBooks is only designed to handle your core accounting functions, when it comes time to support things like adjusting SKUs, adjusting for new sales tax rates, or even sharing inventory levels with resellers. In order to easily maintain daily business functions, you need a solution that comes equipped to handle these tasks.
    2. Your staff can only do their jobs when using several different applications outside of your current system. If any of your vital financial management activities are happening in outside applications, Excel spreadsheets or another software packages, you have to always be on the lookout for possible errors and safety threats.
    3. You cannot keep up with rapidly changing business conditions. There are nonstop advancements being made within all areas of your industry every day. With QuickBooks, you lack the specialized functions that make it possible to easily grow your business and keep up with change.

    If you find yourself experiencing the headache that comes from experiencing any of these warning signs, it may be time to look for new alternatives to your current system. With the cloud-based products and services offered by NetSuite, it is easier than you think to easily accomplish all of your financial accounting in one convenient place.