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Today's topic is SalesForce vs Dynamics CRM. Two CRM enter, one leaves! The results might just surprise you! Read ahead to see the comparison.

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    Inside CRM released a comparison chart for 15 of todays hottest hosted customer relationship management (CRM) software solutions. Today, I wanted to pull out two of those Ohio CRM Online solutions and compare not only their features, but their benefits and drawbacks as well.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online vs. Enterprise Edition

    Sales Force Automation:

    • Both have the typical sales-force management tools and opportunity tracking, analytics and forecasting tools.
    • SalesForce focuses on the strength of their built-in mobility features, while Microsoft Dynamics enables mobility as an add-on where needed.
    • Microsoft also boasts a complex quote generation tool as well as sales literature generation from within the system and direct email marketing.
    • While SalesForce is integrated with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built directly into Outlook for expedited email management.

    Service and Support:

    Guide to Moving from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 SalesGuide to Moving from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 Sales
    • SalesForce and Microsoft CRM Online are very similar in this area with automated email management, customer access to knowledge bases, case management and resolution analytics.
    • SalesForce also Computerized Telephony Integration and a self-service customer portal, both of which can be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, but aren’t readily available.

    Marketing Automation: These products are almost identical in their marketing automation features.  They both include:

    • Campaign planning, automation, and management
    • List management
    • Email marketing management and automation
    • Workflow customization
    • Reporting, Analytics and Dashboards

    Price:  When it comes to price, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is the clear winner.  The Microsoft Dynamics Pricing is almost 1/3rd that of

    Microsoft = $44 to $59 per user per month
    SalesForce = $125 per user per month

    “Microsoft Dynamics CRM offered the functionality we were looking for and the familiar Outlook-style interface, for about one-third the cost of” – Clint Brown, President and CEO of the Florence Freedom baseball team, a client of Socius, an Ohio CRM Online provider and Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.  Read more about the Florence Freedom’s success with Microsoft Dynamics CRM !

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