Help Us Help You

You’re trying to get a Quote out the door in a rush, and suddenly realize that your CRM system is acting up. You don’t have time for this!! How can you get help quickly, so you can get on with your business? What does your CRM Administrator need to know in order to help you fast?

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Send as much information as possible.
  2. Send screenshots of what you’re seeing.
  3. Know what questions the Admin is going to ask you.

As a consultant who helps troubleshoot problems multiple times a day, I can tell you that the more information I have up front, the quicker I can reach a resolution. Finding a quick solution is to everyone’s benefit!

So, what kind of information will help your Admin find your quickest solution? See the list below. Even better, keep this list on your desktop, and fill out this information every time you need to report a problem.

  • What is the exact text of the error?
    1. This is where a screenshot picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Is there a log file?
    1. If yes…copy the text of the log file and include it in your email to us.
  • WHO is receiving this error?
    1. Just one person?
    2. Everyone on a certain team?
    3. Only those without a System Administrator security role?
    4. All the users?
    5. If someone tries to log into their computer using your credentials, do they get the error?
  • WHAT version of CRM?
    1. Again, this is where screenshots can help. The diagrams below show you how to get your version from either the Web client or the Outlook client.
    2. Are you seeing the error in the Web client?
    3. Are you seeing it in the Outlook client?
    4. Or both?

Diagram: Get the CRM version  from the Web client.

Diagram: Get the CRM version and the Outlook client version from the Outlook File Menu.

  • WHERE does this happen – do all browsers cause this problem?
    1. Or just one? (which one)
    2. Or just one version of one browser? (which version)
  • WHEN are you receiving this error?
    1. Every time?
    2. Only certain times of the day?
    3. Occasionally? (What is it dependent upon?)
    1. This is where you give any other info that doesn’t fit in above.