Going Paperless to Build Success

In any business, whether a service based company, retail establishment, or production facility, continually striving to identify ways to eliminate waste and streamline tasks is vital to profitable operations. Even more so in the construction industry, where so many factors must be orchestrated with precision to avoid significant losses.

Fortunately, there are many resources available for construction industry professionals that offer innovative methods and techniques for communicating and dealing with sub-contractors, suppliers, and field site superintendents. Internet based software programs have been developed and designed to remove tedious ‘by hand’ data transfers by going paperless, and offer real time visibility and control on a multitude of tasks, which are crucial for constructing success.Managing Subs – Scheduling and Compliance Solutions

Effectively managing specialty trade and sub-contractor information requires diligence and constant attention. Not only do the various work agreements and warranty information on labor and materials have to be assigned into the appropriate job file, but a another system must also be used to organize these trade providers according to their specific services, along with their current certifications and insurance compliance records.

Construction industry software allows businesses to eliminate hand-processing methods by automatically routing contractor data to the correct location. These programs simplify and speed the bid proposal process, supplying project managers with the tools they need to instantly access and maintain contract agreements and payouts, optimizing project cash flow and completion schedules.Organizing Materials Procurement

Using these programs to go paperless streamlines purchasing procedures for construction industry professionals. Every cubic yard of concrete, two by four, and toggle bolt purchase order is instantly transferred to its specific project file, offering superior financial tracking. These internet based applications also progressively calculate job expenses, comparing actual costs with projected estimates through up-to-the-minute accounts receivable information, creating accurate budget and completion forecast analysis.

Coordinating Site Information – How It All Comes Together

Project managers need to communicate with field superintendents quickly about labor activities, material deliveries, payroll data, and any subsequent delays to manage project stages and expenses. Instead of waiting on express mailers, faxes, etc., these systems integrate cutting-edge technology, allowing superintendents to upload timecards, pick tickets, and necessary data using smart phones.
Going paperless with construction industry software has the power to streamline project operations by eliminating the time and labor wastes that occur when these tasks are completed by hand.

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