Get to Know Field Service Incident Types in CRM

Field Service Incident Type is the new report for Dynamics 365 Field Service. Learn what it is and how to apply it to your organization to stay ahead.

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    In a continuing effort to improve users experience Microsoft Dynamics CRM has made key modifications to its Field Service tools. One key modification is the inclusion of reports known as Incident Types. Incident Types act as a top level classification system for customer reported issues. They allow users to define issues through automatically populating templates within CRM.

    These templates feature pre-populated tabs for service tasks, products, services, and characteristics. This pre-population allows for faster creation of work orders, since users no longer have to go in and manually enter every value. This also allows for a much reduced risk of user error while imputing or editing data, giving users confidence that issues will be consistently logged and resolved the same way each time. Reports comparing common issues can be generated, as well as ones comparing estimated job time vs actual.

    By equipping field service technicians with these tools organizations arm their employees with the ability to see exactly what tasks will be required, tools will be needed, and how long it will take to complete them. The Field Service module also offers the ability to search by characteristic, such as specialized qualifications, meaning the right person will be sent to the job the first time.

    By offering easy to sort, customizable, pre-populated tabs for customer issues, Field Service in Dynamics CRM helps ensure that every customer issue is handled correctly the first time, and the same way each time.

    See the Field Service Incident Types in Action: