Get Real-Time Visibility into the Health of Your Heavy Equipment or Truck Dealership

Most dealer management systems were designed for an era when dealerships could wait until the end of the month to get data. That’s not the case today.

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    Most DMS solutions were designed for an era when dealerships could wait until the end of the month to get the data they need. That’s not the case today—consolidated views and up-to-the-minute reporting can mean the difference between thriving and barely surviving.

    The Health of your Dealership

    Without quick and easy access into data details and potential variances, there is no way to discern how your dealership is performing. You don’t have the ability to compare actual performance to strategic plans in order to see issues in real-time, and in turn quickly determine solutions that could save you significant profit. Multiple disconnected Excel spreadsheets can’t provide owners/dealer principals visibility of in-quarter activity and performance, versus expectation – let alone a view of how that short-term performance aligns with longer-term strategy.

    Real-time Data Viewed In a Single Dashboard

    Our DMS solution built on industry-leading cloud technology, NetSuite and Advectus, provide leadership with the must have access to transparent, real-time performance data to analyze and compare to strategic plans. Leadership must be able to take the pulse of KPIs and other measurements to accurately and confidently describe how much gross profit the dealership is making (or losing) today, and likely to generate tomorrow. This insight into the health of the dealership significantly improves the quality of decision-making as real-time visibility empowers employees to make better decisions, more quickly.

    Imagine viewing a dashboard that shows the complete history of a truck.  I’m talking from when the dealership acquired the truck, how many times it has been leased, how many times it has been serviced, and how much money has been made on it.  Being able to quickly and efficiently pull up this data can tell a dealer if this truck is making money, which then gives them the opportunity to add even more of these models to their inventory.

    A Modern Dealer Management Solution

    A modern dealer management solution will help to streamline operations and maximize profitability. With deep industry expertise, combined with leading business solutions developed to address the unique requirements of heavy equipment and truck dealers, Velosio has worked with clients to transform their operations and achieve the real-time visibility required to drive growth.

    In working with heavy equipment and truck dealerships – the repeated themes across the industry include challenges of navigating across conflicting systems, manually entering information into spreadsheets, and running multiple reports to find out what’s going on in their parts department, their service operation, and in new sales. For more information on these impacts, practical tips and technology insights, download our free white paper, Crushing the Four Barriers of Dealership Growth. 

    The ability to make quick informed decisions is what separates our DMS solution from the competition. To get a better understanding, check out this short video.

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    Nick Jones has spent over 8 years working to improve the lives of automotive dealers by supporting, designing, and implementing innovative software solutions. Today, Nick serves Velosio clients in his role as a NetSuite Consultant. His primary focus is driving successful implementations of our DMS solution to our Heavy Equipment and Truck Dealership clients.