From Epicor to NetSuite – Why Make the Switch

Switching from Epicor to NetSuite lets you take advantage of high-value, user-friendly EPR processes. Check out five specific ways NetSuite makes your operations easier and more cost effective.

Better Value

NetSuite’s cloud-based software premises is less expensive in both the short and long-term for the customer. Unlike Epicor ERP, which requires in-house maintenance and server space, your NetSuite applications reside securely online and the only upfront cost for NetSuite is the license fee. Overtime, costs for NetSuite include the subscription fees, which are much less than the average cost of maintaining hardware and paying in-house IT staff.

Upgrades Aren’t Disruptive

As a client-side software, Epicor EPR upgrade burdens fall on your in-house IT staff. If upgrades or service become too cumbersome, you can pay for outside assistance, often at high rates. Cloud-based software, such as NetSuite, makes rolling out upgrades easy—vendors handle upgrades, and they are immediately available to end users.

Fast Installation

Cloud-based installation is almost always more efficient than server-based installations, and businesses generally see a time-to-value of six weeks rather than the months or more that are experienced with Epicor installations or migrations.

Anywhere, Anytime Accessibility

Client-side server systems can be accessed remotely if you want to get involved with complex VPN processes or dedicated Windows or Citrix applications. Most users find VPN processes to be a headache, particularly for IT staff who are constantly answering support requests for users with VPN problems or issuing and tracking VPN-ready equipment. Cloud-based software provides anytime, anywhere access without specific equipment or VPN needs, and NetSuite is still secure enough to protect sensitive information.

Superior User Interface

Epicor is a Window’s driven software, which means browser-based use is clumsy and not automatically synchronized. The result can be frustration for the user and miscues in the workflow. NetSuite’s web-based design provides real-time access that facilitates efficient teamwork. Upgrades are seen immediately, and all work is automatically synchronized.

With the right support, migrating to NetSuite can be a seamless experience that facilitates increased productivity, particularly for companies currently relying on outdated client-side server installations such as Epicor.n-14

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