Emerging Trend of Consumerization of IT and ERP

Businesses may be noticing a trend that employees are bringing more technology with them to the workplace than is being assigned by the employer. When employees are comfortable with the technology they use at home, they will find greater productivity in their own gadgets than with company-supplied equipment. Further enhancing productivity, it is enabling employees to tailor their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to their individual preferences. In an interview about The Consumerization of ERP Software, Christian Pedersen, Microsoft’s General Manager of Enterprise Applications and Services, discusses this emerging trend of personal technology and customizing ERP. When an employee can focus on their tasks without having to focus on how to perform those tasks, they will be able to accomplish more, with less frustration, and in less time.

Allowing employees to merge their ERP with equipment that they are accustomed to using and fluent with will go a long way to improving productivity. Take a moment to watch the full interview with Pedersen for more tips and suggestions on enhancing your employees ERP experience and productivity.

Empower your employees by allowing them to focus on their role and not the technology with an ERP system that can take your business to a new level through Microsoft Dynamics (GP, NAV, AX, SL). Contact us to learn more.

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