Eliminate Excel Risks with Sage Fixed Assets

Many businesses use excel and spreadsheets to keep track of their business, however, this is not the best solution and can actually be more a harm.

Some Common Spreadsheet Dangers:

  • Manual Sorting
  • Version Control
  • No Audit Trail
  • Manual formulas
  • Fraud concerns
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Inconsistent Reporting

Data control with spreadsheets is a headache. Here’s why:

  • Spreadsheet knowledge is often tied to personnel
  • Introduces the challenge of “version control”
  • Minimal security and access control options
  • Spreadsheets do not scale well with growing business
  • Have to incorporate formulas for changing tax law by hand

Data Integrity:

Dirty data impacts multiple parts of the business.  It can result in:

  • bad reports
  • inaccurate asset values
  • inaccurate asset courts
  • bad budget info
  • bad depreciation calculations

How can Sage Fixed Assets eliminate the risks of spreadsheets?

A Solution will eliminate risk by:

  • Putting checks and balances on how data is entered into your asset registry
  • Removing the ability to have to manually manipulate data (closing the door on human error)
  • Maintaining data integrity and saving time and errors by automating processes

Fixed Assets solutions should include:

  • up to date tax laws and depreciation methods to run and post depreciation
  • customizable fields and smartlists to control data entry-preventing bad data at the source
  • user permissions structure to ensure data security

Sage Fixed Assets is designed to Integrate with Sage ERP out of the box:

  • Sage Fixed Assets offer import/export capabilities to easily import assets from ERP systems and export GL entries
  • Automated, out of the box ERP integrations are provided for Sage ERP users

Remember, spreadsheets are a good…but they are only that, a starting point. They have limited security control options and creating your business reports by hand from a spreadsheet is time consuming and is prone to error. Consider investing in a dedicated fixed asset solution and integrating it into your ERP system!

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