Effectively Controlling Project Costs to Maximize Construction Profits

Successfully operating a business in the construction industry demands extensive knowledge, experience, and adaptability. The very nature of the industry is inherent with a plethora of variables, from weather conditions and fluctuating materials costs, to safety procedures and compliance regulations. Therefore, discovering methods that assist in controlling project costs can often be the difference in continued prosperity or financial ruin.

Businesses who offer services in the construction industry, whether as a general contractor, or a specialized trade, such as electrical, flooring, or excavation, all operate on an individual project basis. The bid process, scheduling and planning procedures, materials and labor expenses, and profit percentages combine to generate the total project contract price, and exist on each project, with the extent determined by the scope of work involved.

However, in this volatile field where most times, the lowest bid wins, unforeseen situations can arise that negatively affect the actual profit realized on the job. Finding effective tools that have the ability to neutralize these instances, offer an unprecedented value for any contractor.

Innovative Software Solutions

New resources are available, which effectively control project costs. Recently developed, these software programs provide a superior accuracy in the calculations needed per project, along with organizational, labor, and time saving advantages for any size business in the construction industry.

Bid Process
In the construction industry, the cost of building materials can fluctuate sporadically, therefore, up-to-date pricing is essential for an accurate bid. These software systems integrate all of the company’s vendors and necessary subs into one, easy to access program that includes current insurance and compliance certificates, as well as purchasing information and vendor notations, providing instant information for calculations.

Scheduling and Planning
Managing multiple projects and maintaining estimated times on specific jobs requires close attention to job-site reporting. With specialized software, the superintendent can maintain constant communication with the project manager, preventing work stoppages that can occur for a variety of reasons, such as inspections, weather conditions, improper site assessments, or delivery delays.

On-site construction projects rarely follow an exact timetable, however, with these data systems, specialty trade subs can be coordinated by GC’s, in conjunction with field information, providing maximum project fluidity. This information aids the accounting process, properly categorizing worker’s compensation rates, overtime hours, etc.

Businesses in the construction industry can effectively control project costs and increase profits with innovative software solutions, maximizing the efficiency of each job, and generating performance excellence.
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