Do Security Concerns Have You Looking to the Cloud?

You know that the security of your business systems and data is paramount, but actually securing them isn’t always easy.  If security questions have you looking to heavens for answers, you are looking in the right direction because the answer could be “the cloud.”

Cloud providers are required to maintain certain levels of security and are accountable to governing organizations as well as their clients.  It is essential for cloud providers to have a level of expertise in securing data that is typical higher than most internal IT departments do, meaning that data is often safer from electronic and environmental threats in the cloud than it is in most company’s server rooms. By deploying your business management software solutions in the cloud, it frees up your IT resources from the constant focus on security so that they can address other areas of the organization where they can add value.

Are you constantly worried about:

  • the security of your data?
  • the security of your transactions?
  • the security of your communications?
  • your ability to keep up with the latest security threats?
  • complying with privacy or security regulations?

If so, then you can gain some peace of mind by meeting with our Cloud Services team to learn how a cloud ERP or CRM business solution can affect the security of your critical data.  Request a Cloud Impact Assessment today!