Convert More Leads to Sales with Marketing Automation

One of the constant questions facing any business is “how do we convert more of our leads in to actual sales?”. Today we find out how to answer just that!

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    One of the constant questions facing any business is “how do we convert more of our leads in to actual sales?”.  Leads generated by the marketing department, for one reason or another, can sometimes be hard to convert in to sales. To counteract this there has been a big push to establish a better relationship between the Marketing and Sales departments, and one of the most effective tools in that push has been the implementation of CRM software, particularly in the form of marketing automation.

    An Aberdeen Group report found that companies that optimize the marketing/sales relationship grow revenue close to one third faster than companies that don’t.

    Companies that are properly aligned show superior numbers in such key metrics as annual revenue, brand awareness, and average deal size. One of the unifying characteristics of organizations who are doing this is their use of CRM tools to unite the Sales and Marketing departments. One of the key tools within the CRM solutions is marketing automation, such as Click Dimensions which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Click Dimensions allows users to develop multi-channel marketing campaigns that run automatically, freeing up your workforce for other tasks. It offers many different types of campaigns to choose from, such as traditional marketing campaigns, sales engagement campaigns, and new customer onboarding. Since these campaigns exist within the CRM system, any information gained is linked to the customer’s profile in the CRM system, or if they’re a new customer, a profile can be set up for them quickly.

    Automated systems such as Click Dimensions save your workforce time and resources, and provide measurable business value to your organization. The Aberdeen Group found that organizations that utilize tools such as marketing automation see higher percentages in key metrics such as total sales team quota attainment, percentage of reps achieving sales quotas, and percent of quotes turning in to orders. These numbers show that there is a real advantage to expanding the use of your CRM software in an attempt to better align your marketing and sales forces, and that utilizing marketing automation software within your CRM Is one of the most effective ways to do so.

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