Connect the Dots of Your Various Data Sources with the BI360 Data Warehouse

To extract actionable BI360, you must have a view of all your data in one place. In other words, you need to be able to connect the dots.

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    Your ERP system is one data source. Your CRM solution is another. How many other disparate data sources do you have? The only way to extract actionable business intelligence is to have a global view of all your data in one place. In other words, you need to be able to connect the dots.

    Now you can connect the dots of your various data sources with the BI360 Data Warehouse, which allows you to consolidate company information in one easy-to-use, high-performance platform.

    What Is the Data Warehouse?

    The BI360 Data Warehouse is a next-generation, pre-configured data warehouse based on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. The data warehouse integrates some or all of your transactional data sources into a single BI database that can be managed by your business users. All of your key data, whether in-house or cloud-based, can be stored and available for consolidated reporting and analysis. BI360 has advanced budgeting, forecasting, and reporting features as well.

    With the BI360 Data Warehouse, you can:

    Perform Financial Consolidations

    Reconcile multi-company financials or simply bring together disparate data sources for richer analyses, using the flexible and customizable BI360 Data Warehouse to store, organize, and utilize company information. The platform is business user friendly, so team members across your organization can access and manage company data.

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    Connect Company Data Sources in a Multi-cloud World

    Leverage diverse data types with a singular, high-performance data warehouse platform that you can configure for company-specific analytics. In this multi-cloud and multi-system enterprise technology era, a modern, pre-built data warehouse from BI360 allows you and your team to hit the ground running with a solution that consolidates your company information.

    Plus, It Is Priced and Built for the Mid-market

    Leave behind the traditionally complex, expensive, and risky planning and implementation of a “homegrown” data warehouse, often with mediocre results. Instead, deploy the BI360 Data Warehouse in days or weeks instead of months or years, and at a fraction of the cost and risk of your own data warehouse project.

    To learn more about BI360 Data Warehouse, contact our consultant.

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