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For more information about BI360 and how to make better decisions faster with a modern BI solution, join us for a webinar on December 4th.

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    The future is here! Modern consumer-driven feature and functionality developments have arrived, paving the way for users to access, manage, and analyze company data from anywhere.  Solver’s BI360 offers the flexibility you need – through on-the-go web access and true hybridity for your modern business demands.  Traditionally, you might have been limited to on-premises access to company financials and operational information, meaning that you have to be in the office or rely on sometimes shaky remote connections.  Those days are over. Web access, mobile applications, and the other options you not only need, but deserve in order to better access, align, and accelerate your data management processes are all available with BI360.

    THE WEB. For years, you have relied on accessing company data by being at the office and reaching it via an on-premises server.  Then, the advent of remote server connections enabled road warriors and others working out of home offices, coffee shops, and other locations to access transactional and operational information.  Granted, the connection can be a little shaky with products like VPN or Citrix, but it helped.  Now, web portals and Cloud computing takes us all into the future, and it was worth the wait.  There is pure Cloud software – for both accounting systems and add-on third party BI solutions, allowing you access anywhere with an internet connection.  BI360 offers the hybridity of on-premises access, a web portal, and even a mobile application.

    MOBILE. BI360’S mobile reporting application is one of the first of its kind – and it empowers professionals to access, manage, and analyze company data in truly on-the-go fashion.  I’m sure you can think of a time when urgent decision-making or a looming deadline required your attention, and you were in the back of a taxi, in the boardroom of a client’s office, or on a flight.  Considering that we rarely go anywhere without our smart phones or tablets, BI360’s mobile reporting application is another direct response to the current business landscape with an eye on the future.  Flexibility is key.

    FLEXIBILITY. When considering an investment in one of today’s BI solutions, look for the flexibility that you need.  More specifically, look for the hybridity of access, including on-premises, web BI, and a mobile application.  BI360 leads the pack with flexibility and allows you to choose between a live integration from your accounting system or querying data from a BI data store.  Additionally, the product is a comprehensive, fully integrated, customizable suite of BI tools.  Take your processes into the 21st century by assessing, seeking, and implementing the flexibility you need.  Welcome to the future!

    For more information about BI360 and how to make better decisions faster with a modern BI solution, join us for a webinar on December 4th at 3:00pm EST. Register here.


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