Business Analyzer — Microsoft Dynamics’ Best-Kept Secret

What is Business Analyzer? The Business Analyzer is a dashboard tool introduced with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 and what it can do is pretty great!

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    With the calendar year Q3 coming to a close, the Microsoft Dynamics world is expecting a flurry of new releases coming in the Q4 calendar year. Dynamics GP is expected to receive enhancements, coupled with one of the most valuable, and underutilized dashboard tool, the Business Analyzer.

    The Business Analyzer is a dashboard tool introduced with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2. With this cool little dashboard application, more than 260 KPIs and reports included with Microsoft Dynamics GP are now viewable by non-Microsoft Dynamics GP users. This can be installed on any users’ computer to allow them to view their own financial news feed. If one statistic catches the eye, users can drill into the report and look at the raw data.

    Recently, Microsoft made an enhanced version of the Business Analyzer application available on the Windows Store for the Surface tablet and the Windows 8 phone. This version has more functionality than available with the basic version and is installed with Microsoft Dynamics GP. It adds touch-screen navigation and more appealing layout for graphs. The basic version displays one report at a time and serves up a new report every five to sixty minutes. The enhanced version allows the layout of several graphs in one screen and click-on graphs to enlarge and scroll through the reports.”

    Before the GP and Business Analyzer updates are released later this year, make sure you know how to use the one of the most efficient collaboration tools Microsoft offers. SBS Group is hosting a live webinar, dedicated to the Business Analyzer tool on October 1st. You can register here to join Alison Martin, an ERP consultant since 2003 who is certified in Microsoft Dynamics GP, will demonstrate the features of Business Analyzer for Dynamics GP to prepare you for the Q4 updates.