Bike Manufacturer Discovers Document Management Efficiency with SharePoint and Dynamics CRM

Bicycle parts manufacturer delivers document management efficiency to their salespeople with SharePoint and Dynamics CRM.

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    SharePoint is a powerful tool on its own, but its power increases and touches every aspect of an organization when it is connected and integrated with your other business management solutions.

    A great example of this is one of our clients, a bicycle and wheel frame manufacturer.  They were struggling with the way that their sales people in the field were presenting information and collateral.  There were errors, discrepancies, and versioning errors between documents used by the sales people.

    This was a direct result of how they were managing (or mismanaging) their documents using a File Share.  In the File Share, documents with uncontrolled authoring would be submitted into a revision cycle, approved or rejected, and archived and left untouched indefinitely.

    The documents in the File Share were:

    • Rarely used
    • Taking up space
    • Not kept current
    • Not of use to company

    In order to fix this problem, the organization began working with Socius to create a document management solution leveraging their Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution in conjunction with SharePoint.

    In this 8 minute video, our consultants show you how they set up the document management system, how it works and what benefits they have experienced:

    To learn more about how SharePoint works with other business management solutions, view our recent webinar: SharePoint: The New Way to Work Together

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