Being Too Busy to Update Technology is Too Costly

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there – your to-do list is long, there are deadlines for important projects staring you in the face, there is a customer issue that needs to be dealt with “right now,” and on and on it goes.  We get busy with the things that NEED to get done and we start to ignore the things that help those tasks get done, like the technology that we use every day.

Sure, we notice when there is system down-time, because it interrupts our day.  We may even pay attention when a new release to our ERP solution comes out and think, “Wow, that new feature would be perfect and save me a so much time!” But then you remember that an upgrade would take time that you don’t have and money that you would have to take more time to justify spending and it gets pushed to back burner again and you eventually forget about the whole thing…until you have a major issue.

So often, we are deterred from fixing a problem because of the cost of improvement.  But, but you also need to consider the cost of not improving.

This is true of any business management or ERP solution, but for example’s sake let’s look at a Microsoft Dynamics GP client, ORR Safety.  Their business had been growing but they weren’t keeping the systems up to date.  As a result, they were experiencing:

  • System slow downs
  • Users getting kicked out of screens without notice
  • Dropped connections between GP and SQL Servers
  • The need to manually write down information and reenter it into another screen because they couldn’t switch easily between screens
  • Printing issues due to the system automatically defaulting to the wrong printer
  • Disconnects between systems (GP and WMS)

All of these issues ultimately had a cost associated with them, whether it was from lost productivity, identifying and fixing errors, or in lost profits and unhappy customers.

After upgrading their Dynamics GP solution, adding some customizations and improving their technology across the board, ORR Safety has grown by more than 100%.  We asked them what it would have cost them to achieve the same results without updating their technology.  They said:

  • They would have been paying 2x what they are now in administrative and IT costs
  • 106 additional employees would have to be working in order to achieve the same sales results

If system slow-downs and outages, bottlenecks during your busiest times of the month and year, and loss of critical data are costing you more than $2,500 a year in lost productivity, opportunities, and customers, then you need to learn more about our SQL Health Check & Performance Optimization service!

If part of the reason that you are so busy is that your ERP system is no longer aligning well with your business processes or delivering the functionality that you need in order to complete your daily tasks efficiently, contact your Socius Account Manager today to discuss upgrading or updating your solution! (