Accounting for growers

Let’s Talk about Accounting for Growers

For growers and horticulturalists, accounting is critical when understanding the value of your plants, no matter what lifecycle stage they are in. You need to track accounting for proper tax and reporting purposes, for the bank, or for auditing purposes. Not only will good organization and impeccable bookkeeping be useful to your staff and management,…
Greenhouse inventory management

Greenhouse Growers: Wouldn’t It Be Amazing If You Could Trust Your Inventory Numbers?

One of the biggest challenges for greenhouse growers is that your order entry team may not have the information they need to complete an order. You’re ballparking or making rough, educated estimates at best. You may have a spreadsheet with inventory information that’s updated just once a week. This lack of efficiency in greenhouse inventory…
Fresh food supply chain traceability

How Would your Fresh Food Business Perform in a Product Recall?

It’s still fresh in our minds when, in 2015, Blue Bell Creamery was forced to recall all its products and lose millions of dollars in sales, threatening to end the business and its 100-year history. The first recall was issued on an assortment of items produced at its creameries, due to the discovery of five cases…
Office 365 for greenhouse growers

Boosting Collaboration, Productivity and Revenue with Microsoft Office 365 for Greenhouse Growers

In recent meetings I’ve had with the grower community, common business challenges arose again and again, including: Disconnected business systems Unaligned teams operating independently from each other Uncovering missed production costs Costly, leftover inventory Sound familiar? Transaction and inventory management, strategic planning, and transportation logistics…these are all areas that require a tremendous amount of collaboration…