Microsoft Power Platform cloud technology

Turn Today’s, “That’s the Way It Is,” Barriers into Tomorrow’s “That’s the Way It Was!” with Microsoft’s Power Platform

Have you ever been in a meeting and someone asks a really great question about why a process functions in a particular way; wondering if it could be more efficient, and the end response was: “Because – that’s how it is.” You might be short on budget, resources and/or internal programmers, so the conversation is…
AP automation

3 Ways AP Automation Brings Better Benefits in the Cloud

If one were to pinpoint the departments within just about any organization that could benefit the most from better performance and increased productivity, chances are the finance and accounting departments would be near the top of their list, if not at the very top. Unsurprisingly, many businesses are turning to cloud-based AP automation. These businesses are…

6 Key Benefits of Business Intelligence Solutions

Call it Business Intelligence, BI, or Big Data, the simple fact is that business intelligence solutions are now vital to effectively running a business. While there used to be terms associated with large enterprises up until fairly recently, as BI technology has advanced, deployment, licensing, and support options have increased making it more affordable for…

Better Forecast Sales Trends, Leads and Budget with Analytics Solutions

What factors do you use to decide on your business strategy? Is it market outlook, previous sales trends, order history or present operations? How do you determine what your future profits goals will be? Most companies rely on certain business metrics to create forecasts regarding a range of factors including customer demand, operational growth, and…

9 Excel Headaches You Can Avoid with Cloud Analytics Tools

Organizing your business and keeping up with complicated planning across different departments within a company is a challenge when you focus solely on Excel. While the program is ideal for spreadsheets, it does not always keep up with your needs as a business owner. By using cloud analytics tools, you keep up with a growing…
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Top 7 Benefits of Cloud BI and Analytics

Though there are a multitude of advantages that a cloud BI system has over a traditional on-premise analytics infrastructure, there are seven major ones that apply to businesses of all sizes and industries: Automatically consolidate your most critical data. What is Business Intelligence without the intelligence? Cloud BI and analytics solutions are able to pull data…

Enabling Collaborative BI with Power BI

Modern business decisions are rarely made by one person. Considering the levels of approval needed for just about any job to get done, communication is vital. Even when it comes time for final approval, decisions are rarely made in a vacuum, which is why collaborative analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) software is a must-have for…

Clear Insights from Cloud BI

When it comes to Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, organizations have two distinct options to choose from. Traditional, on-site solutions are still the norm, but more and more companies are beginning to switch to a cloud-based approach. Many organizations, however, remain dubious over making the switch. This attitude is understandable, but ultimately can be considered detrimental…

Better Demand Planning and Forecasting with ERP and Analytics

Many in the business of planning and forecasting are personally familiar with the statement, “Information is power.” The ability to take objective metrics and large amounts of data, translate that into trends, and make solid assumptions on predictable trends continuing goes right to the heart of forecasting in any field, whether it be the military…