The Cobbler’s Children Do, In Fact, Have Shoes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions

You’ve heard the expression: the cobbler’s children have no shoes. Or, a plumber’s house always has a dripping tap. A blacksmith’s home only has wooden spoons. Although funny and old-fashioned, these expressions are commonly heard in our industry. The fact is, some IT companies never get around to treating their own company as a client.…

CRM: Your “Customer Reconnaissance Machine”

There is a misconception that your CRM system is all about Customer Relationship Management. It used to be about understanding how you are interacting with your customer and how your customers and prospects are interacting with you. The CRM system today is about leveraging technology to preform “reconnaissance” on your customer. Using ALL of the…

Know Thy Customer – With Versium Predict – Part 1

What if I told you that inside the Dynamics 365 AppSource is a product that can unlock vast insights about the companies and customers that you do business with; a data source containing over 1 trillion “data attributes, including both on-line and offline behavioral data, social-graphic details, real-time event-based data, purchase interests, financial information, activities…