What’s New in Dynamics NAV 2018

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV system has provided businesses with the ideal ERP solution when keeping track of their operations. These scalable products allow for integrated management support in all areas of your business, such as when creating financial reports, tracking inventory, managing sales opportunities and so much more for small and medium sized businesses. On…
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Use Microsoft Dynamics NAV Anywhere with the Universal App

With the new NAV Universal App, things just got even more flexible. The NAV Universal App can now be used on your preferred iOS, Android or Windows device including a phone, tablet, phablet, laptop, or desktop. Switch to your favorite device on the go, during meetings, in the office, at home on the couch using…

Watch Out – An Invoice May Jump Out of Your Calendar with Dynamics NAV 2017

Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV has been well known for providing a premier enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite, allowing the use of office productivity tools across entire networks without the traditional licensing setup on each machine. Now, Dynamics 2017 has been released with a number of new upgrades that continue to enhance the Microsoft enterprise suite experience.…

What Dynamics NAV Users Need to Know about Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s newest Azure-enabled offering, Dynamics 365, is hitting the market and there is a lot of news and excitement around its release.  As a current Microsoft Dynamics NAV user, you probably have some questions about what Dynamics 365 is and how it affects you and your business. Q: What is Dynamics 365? A: Dynamics 365…

Is Your Manufacturing Data More Secure in the Cloud?

Data security is of the utmost importance in any field. In manufacturing especially, ensuring the integrity of your data, be it client lists, orders, or client info, is vital to running a successful operation. It is a fact of life that an organization will, at one time or another, experience a “Security incident”, or attempt…

Approval Types in Workflow for Dynamics NAV 2016

Approval Types in Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 introduces new approval types. These approval types provide flexibility for different scenarios and enable you to choose different types of approvals for different workflows. First Qualified Approver specifies that an approval request entry is only created for the requester’s first qualified approver.…

PowerBI Package for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Microsoft is providing a package that serves as a demonstration for PowerBI content packages for Microsoft NAV to help you get started with PowerBI and Dynamics NAV 2016. Content package – dashboard, reports, and dataset With this package, users can start using and exploring their own data using PowerBI in just a few minutes. The…

Intuitive Sales Order Processing and Promising in Dynamics NAV 2015

When it comes to processing Sales Orders in Dynamics NAV 2015, the intuitive nature of the system really shines through. Each step of the way, it is anticipating what additional information that you, as the user, will need and providing it immediately. This starts with way in which sales order numbers are generated. Additionally, NAV…

Dynamics NAV 2015 Tip: Schedule a Report

Yes, it’s vitally important to be able to pull accurate reports from Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the fly when they’re requested.  However, you’re always going to have those reports that you need every week or every month.  Rather than having a reminder pop-up interrupting your day and prompting you to stop what you’re doing to…