microsoft power automate

The Best Advice for Coping with COVID-19 Disruption: Make Your Current Microsoft Dynamics Solution More Efficient

It seems that at every juncture, businesses are uncovering ways the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted their business. Just when you figured out how to get employees working from home, you realize that an existing manual process that was effective in the office is cumbersome and time-consuming in a remote environment. For example, you may use…
Dynamics 365 cloud ERP

Lift Your Management Team and Your Bottom Line with the Cloud

Think about all the decisions you and your team navigate on a daily basis. You’ve been doing this for years. You’re pretty good at it. You look ahead and try and anticipate staffing needs; determine inventory requirements; predict sales; everything it takes to run your business. You’re confident in the process and your team. To…
Dynamics 365 Business Central April 2019 update

Top 6 Features Coming to Dynamics 365 Business Central April 2019

Microsoft has continuously improved the end user experience with each release of Dynamics 365 Business Central. The April, 2019 Dynamics 365 Business Central release is no exception. While there are countless enhancements coming this Spring, here are our top 6. Vendor Invoice Numbers With the April, 2019 D365 Business Central release, we will be able…