Supply chain management

How Secure Is Your Supply Chain?

Some disruptions to your supply chain are beyond your control, such as inclement weather and dock strikes. But that still potentially leaves a lot of room for optimizing, automating, and securing your supply chain, which, after all, is the life blood of your business. The “right” ERP software should support and optimize supply chain management.…
Field service management

Improving Operational Efficiencies from the Plant to the Field

Field service is inherently an expensive proposition. It includes not just the usual labor costs but additional expenses such as gas and truck maintenance, too. It’s therefore no wonder that field service has long been a cost center. The number one way to transform your field services business from a cost center into a profit…

How Deep Is Your BOM?

It’s a rhetorical question, because there’s virtually no limit to the depth that Microsoft Dynamics ERP can handle. What else can Microsoft Dynamics ERP do for your manufacturing company? Let’s take a look at some of the cool features that are largely unique to Microsoft Dynamics ERP for manufacturing. Integrated ERP and CRM If you…