reputation management for professional services firms

Why Navigating the Risk of a Damaged Reputation is a Must for Professional Services Firms

As any professional services executive knows, a spotless reputation is critical to success, especially in highly competitive sectors of the industry. A damaged reputation can result in the loss of new and existing clients, damage employee recruitment and retention, and be very costly to repair. That’s why it is important to invest in the resources…

What’s New in Document Attachment in Dynamics GP 2018

Hopefully, you have had the chance to check out the exciting new features available with the recently released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. There is so much stuff packed into this enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that it can take a while to get familiar with things. Some of the newest features we want to bring…

Introducing GP 2016 R2

December 1st we saw the release of GP 2016 R2, keeping the roadmap of Microsoft Dynamics GP alive and well. We have seen the progression from GP 2015 to GP 2016 and now to 2016 R2. As we continue progressing to GP 2018 and beyond we can be sure that each one will be unique…

Top Accessibility Tools Using OData in GP 2016

One of the marquee new features of Microsoft Dyamics GP in its 2016 iteration is its new OData accessibility. OData is a protocol allowing any client with tools to access OData feeds the ability to access information from a pre-selected data source or sources. This implementation allows operators to configure their systems to allow off-site…

Winning the Invoice Management Battle with ERP

Invoice management is often a bane for a small business, frequently creating challenges at the last minute between retaining sufficient cash flow and keeping suppliers happy with timely payments for goods or services provided. For the most inefficient small businesses, the processing time to take an invoice from receipt received to actual payment issued is an…

Payroll Posting Accounts in GP 2016

Among the many new features in 2016’s edition of Dynamics GP are several enhancements to the way payroll can be handled. In the HR and Payroll module there is a newly designed NavList called Payroll Posting Accounts, which offers several options for customizing and filtering payroll data. This list will show all posting accounts set…

How to Attach Word Template Edits in GP 2016

Featuring new improvements across the board Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is the latest iteration of the industry standard ERP solution. Some of these improvements are obvious, such as the improved interface. Others are subtler tweaks and improvements designed to save users time and energy in specific ways. One new feature that fits the latter category…

Stop Letting Quickbooks Hold Your Business Back

Is your business being held back? Are you ready to grow? If it’s been hard to keep customers satisfied, keep up with business demand, or just merely cannot make the deadlines without driving your team over the edge, then it’s time to make a change. QuickBooks can hold you back in many more ways than…

Stop Losing the Productivity of Your People

Is your most valuable asset, your people, losing productivity? Sure with QuickBooks, you’ve gone beyond the first step: a pen and paper to automate processes and better manage your business. Although the accustomed clicking of keyboards may sound useful, software programs like these reduce the productivity of your people and limit insight into overall business…