Why Cloud ERP is the Future for Restaurant Distribution

The increasingly global nature of commerce is a challenge for all businesses looking to thrive and grow in these modern times, and one that can be difficult to deal with. Restaurant equipment distributors face unique challenges in this regard, as they are often tasked with dealing with large amounts of inventory, customers, and financial data.…

My Company Needs New Software. Now What?

Implementing a change in any organization will produce challenges.  Implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution creates some specific challenges of its own.  Combining potentially companywide changes with a completely new system calls for a whole new level of change management.  This takes a truly special individual to fill the Project Manager’s (PM)…

What Indiana’s Economic Outlook Indicates for Growers

At the recent Farwest 2016 national nursery and greenhouse tradeshow in Portland, I got to hear from Gerry Dick, the creator and host of the television series Inside Indiana Business that focus on Indiana’s business environment.  He is also the owner of Grow Indiana Media Ventures, LLC. Mr. Dick made the following points about Indiana’s…

What’s New in NAV 2016 Chart of Accounts and Dimensions

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, the Chart of Accounts and Global Dimensions tabs are useful for your data analysis. The Chart of Accounts’ section is laid out with headers and totaling accounts which come in handy for viewing a quick trial balance onscreen and for creating financial reports. However, it only includes the natural account…

Successful ERP Implementations Still Depend on Who’s Implementing the System

Why Companies Work with ERP Consultants in the First Place According to a 2015 ERP study conducted by Panorama Consulting, seventy seven percent of companies implementing or updating ERP systems work with consultants for selection and implementation assistance.  These companies especially sought out consultants with industry specific expertise and experience. The reasons for working with…