Mobile workforce management with IoT

Transform Your Field Service Model from “Break-Fix” to “It’s Fixed” with IoT

IoT is a small acronym for a big network of connected devices — the Internet of Things. According to Gartner, there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices by 2020[i], including everything from smartphones, wearable devices, cars, appliances, machine components and almost anything else that has an Internet or Wi-Fi connection. These IoT devices have the…
Strategic value business solutions

Business Solution Implementation: Tactical vs. Strategic Value

How often do you have time to sit back and reflect on your core values? How about making sure your building your competitive edge strategically? Maybe once a year at your annual meeting, which might take you off-site, you give yourself and your leadership team the physical space and time to reflect and to connect.…
Improving resource utilization

Connecting Your Business Systems to Drive Better Utilization

It’s imperative for professional services firms and project-based businesses to connect their systems of people, processes, and technology. This will, in turn, enable them to drive utilization and increase profitability. Disconnected, siloed systems – from which most businesses suffer – result in a lack of integration. This makes it impossible to track and measure what’s…
Business strategy improving utilization

How to Improve Utilization Through Strategic Business Changes

In previous blog posts, we laid out some of the operational changes and tactical changes professional services firms and project-based businesses can make to drive improved utilization. These are predicated on having an integrated system of people, processes, and technology that allows for data to be shared across the organization. Unfortunately, most organizations are constrained…
Private cloud hosting

7 Ways Cloud Business Solutions Accelerate Growth

Speed. It is what auto racing is all about. In the state of Indiana, the month of May is all about one of the fastest races in the world—the Indianapolis 500. Speed has increased to the point where the poll sitter for the race careens around the 2.5-mile track at over 229 miles per hour.…
resource utilization

Improving Utilization at the Tactical Level

In a previous blog, we discussed how changes at the operational level will give you the fastest business value and ROI. Not only will those changes increase billable hours available, the obvious and quick impact on resource utilization will gain buy-in from staff and management. We’ve seen how disconnected business systems result in wasted time,…
Improving resource utilization

How to Improve Resource Utilization Through Operational Changes

When you are a professional services firm or project-based business, your bottom line is driven by resource utilization. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, if your business suffers from disconnected or siloed systems of people, processes, and technology, the various parts of your organization can’t integrate their data, which makes it impossible to track and…
Issues caused by disconnected systems & how to integrate

8 Issues Caused by Disconnected Business Systems

In previous blog posts, we’ve made the case that disconnected business systems can cause some serious issues for organizations. These issues ultimately lead to wasted time, inaccurate data, weakened performance, and considerable costs. Why is that? When each department is operating independently with their own processes and systems, the lack of integration makes it impossible…
Connecting disparate psa solutions

The Core Challenges of Disconnected Technology

Picture the following scenario: You are a fast-growing professional services firm or project-based business with service and product revenues. You’ve got a CRM system that manages the product sales and a PSA system that manages time and expense (and projects), along with an accounting system for billing and financial management. With projected sales and product…
Resource utilization

Improving Utilization Through a People-first Approach

For professional services firms and project-based businesses, utilization is the key to driving more revenue and improving profitability. Traditionally, firms have employed a top-down approach to improve resource management, starting with strategy, developing a tactical plan, and driving down to the line to execute on it. The problem with this approach is that it can…