Is Your ERP an Incandescent Light Bulb? Operate More Efficiently with Dynamics 365

Today, consumer products are focused on creating efficiencies and saving money. Take, for example, high-efficiency light bulbs that use less electricity and save consumers money. Or, high-efficiency detergents that produce fewer suds, reducing the rinse cycle time and therefore saving the consumer money. What can the average company do along these same lines to streamline…
AI and CRM

How Dynamics 365 for Sales Enables Smarter Selling

CRM systems have been around for a long time now, with early entrants into the market dating as far back as 1993! We’ve become so accustomed to the acronym that we seldom stop to think about its real meaning. When you implement a CRM system at your company, the “C” becomes your customers. The “R”…
Business intelligence

Business Intelligence, Integration, and Your Company’s Success

Small and mid-sized companies need reports that increase productivity, profitability, and enable smarter business decisions—which is a challenging task for businesses with data across multiple, disconnected systems. Manually collecting data from each platform is time consuming and increases the risk of errors. So how can your business gain a complete view of your data? The…