Accelerate Your Business Analytics with CRM

If you're having issues with your current CRM it could be time to accelerate your business analytics process with Microsoft CRM

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    Does your organization:

    • Have difficulty sharing, using, and exploring customer data?
    • Maintain multiple inconsistent data sources?
    • Struggle with inaccurate sales, marketing and service reports?

    If so, then you may be interested to know how Microsoft Dynamics CRM addresses each of these issues through its complimentary Analytics Accelerator.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM has many “out-of-the-box” business intelligence capabilities that enhance your ability to glean and comb through relevant customer data to help you make smarter business development decisions.  However, despite this array of features, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM software users were still left looking for ways to:

    • Plan with greater clarity and insight
    • Gather, monitor, and report on performance with ease
    • Analyze data and act strategically

    As a result, Microsoft has released a series of Accelerators, which are complimentary, downloadable add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics CRM version 4.0, one of which is the Analytics Accelerator which provides analytical tools for each department working in CRM.

    The Analytics Accelerator helps:


    1. Drive campaign ROI
    2. Increase response rates
    3. Improve marketing agility


    1. Develop accurate forecasts
    2. Achieve revenue goals
    3. Increase close rates


    1. Increase customer satisfaction
    2. Reduce customer service costs
    3. Drive revenue through customer service channels

    To see more of the CRM Dashboards enabled by the Analytics Accelerator, check out this presentation made to our Ohio CRM software users at our Aspire conference in October.

    In addition to the Analytics Accelerator, Microsoft has developed and released 12 accelerators that enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities to optimize everything from sales methodology to social networking.