6 Sales Methodologies That You Can Manage with CRM

Here’s a quick overview of 6 sales methodologies you should consider adapting and other ways in which CRM can help manage these methods.

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    ABCs-of-Sales-for-LPWhen it comes to increasing your sales revenue, you must make sure your sales reps are following the appropriate sales methodologies. Fortunately, sales methodologies can be used in combination with customer relationship management (CRM) software, enabling these methods to be both more efficient and effective than they’ve ever been before. Here’s a quick overview of six sales methodologies you should consider implementing and the various ways in which CRM can help manage these methods.

    SPIN Selling

    When performing the sales methodology, there are four questions sales reps should ask their clients:

    • What is the Situation?
    • What is the Problem?
    • Are there any Implications?
    • What is the Need vs. Payoff?

    By gathering answers to these questions, you’ll be able to present to any clients why your product or service can be of benefit to them. It also takes into consideration what the impact of making the purchase will be.

    Conceptual Selling

    When your sales reps perform conceptual selling, you’ll be selling a concept to them rather than a specific product or service. Because this sales method requires such an extensive form of listening to your customers, it is imperative that all gathered info be documented in your CRM; this will greatly simplify the sales process by dividing it into three stages:

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    • Getting information
    • Giving information
    • Getting a commit

    SNAP Selling

    The SNAP selling method requires sales reps to:

    • keep it Simple
    • be iNvaluable
    • always Align
    • raise Priorities

    This method involves the sales rep explaining his or her detailed knowledge about the service or product, and in the process, the rep will discuss why the product/service is important to the potential client. The last step shows the client how simple it is to make a purchase.

    Challenger Sale

    There are five salesperson personas that have proven to be effective:

    • Relationship builders
    • Hard workers
    • Lone wolves
    • Reactive problem solvers
    • Challengers

    The Challenger Sale method, however, has far higher success rates.

    Sandler Sales

    This sales method requires that both the sales rep and client be equally invested. In order for this sales method to achieve effectiveness, the rep always takes into consideration whether or not the product/service being sold can truly meet the specific needs of the client. If it can’t, the rep understands to back away until a better product/service is available.

    Customer-Centric Selling

    When a sales rep has the ability to steer clear of product pushing and instead become a collaborative consultant, the sales possibilities become endless. For this method to be effective, the rep completely focuses on the customer, listening and asking questions about how his or her needs can be met without actually selling a product/service.

    No matter the sales methodology being performed, it is imperative that all customer data be recorded in a CRM. With this type of software, each of the above mentioned sales processes becomes much simpler to perform because instant access to real-time data about customers is available. This allows your company to gain a bird’s eye view of what each customer needs and how you can best meet that need.

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