6 Challenges Restaurant Equipment Suppliers Can Overcome in the Cloud

Without an innovative, unified cloud technology solution, restaurant equipment suppliers will run into challenges. Learn more!

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    Investing in state-of-the-art technology is one of the best ways that restaurant equipment suppliers can boost productivity, efficiency, and ultimately profitability. Unfortunately, many food service equipment suppliers either lack a restaurant cloud technology solution or are dependent on multiple legacy and disparate systems. Without an innovative technology solution, here are six challenges that restaurant equipment suppliers can reasonably expect to run into.

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    Manual & Paper-Intensive Processes

    In order to supplement a lackluster or absent technology solution, many restaurant equipment suppliers have to deal with manual and paper-intensive processes. The employees of these suppliers are often forced to put in a lot of man hours to conduct these processes. However, if the suppliers adopted a more innovative and automated technology solution, these employees would be able to direct their time and effort to more useful and important tasks.

    Custom Applications with Limited Flexibility & Scalability

    Some restaurant equipment suppliers take the initiative and create their own custom applications. These custom applications often work fairly well at first. Unfortunately, suppliers often quickly find themselves bogged down by the limited flexibility and scalability of these applications. The more these restaurant equipment suppliers grow and scale up, the more obsolete their custom application becomes.

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    Departmental Silos of Information

    Another challenge that restaurant equipment suppliers often run into is a lack of unity among the departments within their organization. Each department may have their own processes and their own way of doing things. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult for information to flow throughout the organization. A modern and integrated ERP solution like NetSuite can be used throughout the organization to promote the easy transmission of information.

    Limited Visibility to Project/Order Status

    Limited visibility in terms of project/order status is yet another common obstacle that restaurant equipment suppliers frequently run into. This can easily lead to confusion between and even within departments. An integrated solution can boost visibility to project/order status to ensure that everyone is one the same page.

    Extensive Administrative Efforts

    The lack of transmission of information caused by a lackluster technology solution can lead to extensive administrative efforts. Due to the lack of communication between the departments, someone will have to take on the administrative effort of pulling all the information together and making sure the information is delivered to the right people within the organization.

    Inability to Grow the Business Without Adding Headcount

    Restaurant equipment suppliers who rely on a technology solution that isn’t flexible or scalable often find that they cannot grow their business without adding to the headcount.

    As you can see, there are many challenges that restaurant equipment suppliers can run into. Fortunately, these challenges can be overcome with the help of NetSuite, an integrated, modern cloud solution. For more information about NetSuite, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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