4 Ways Quickbooks is Blocking Access to Real-Time Information

When it comes to understanding your business, you will need access to real-time data. Here are 4 ways Quickbooks is blocking your data access.

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    When it comes to understanding your business, you will need access to real-time data.  This enables you to pinpoint problems before they occur, thus allowing you to remedy them before it’s too late.  And while QuickBooks has proven to be an extremely valuable database system, modern software programs don’t make you wait until the end of the month to analyze your data.  With up-to-the-minute reporting, you can enjoy maximizing your operational performance by analyzing data with one application.

    Here’s a closer look at four ways QuickBooks is blocking access to real-time information.

    You’re constantly on the hunt for a specific spreadsheet

    Do you ever feel like you’re swimming in spreadsheets?  From financial data in QuickBooks to inventory information in an inventory database, you are constantly running around looking for specific data.  The time you waste looking for spreadsheets can be used in a more productive way if you have a single database that all spreadsheets can be entered into.  And don’t forget about the simplicity of analyzing valuable data when it’s all stored in one location.  QuickBooks can’t help you with this, but a full service ERP system can.

    Old spreadsheets result in past-time reporting

    If you can’t access real-time reporting, then all you have is a past-time reporting.  With QuickBooks, past-time reporting is all you get.  An ERP solution, however, such as NetSuite, provides you access to real-time data, thus allowing your reports to be up to date.  When you see what your real-time operations look like, you can better adjust them to meet the needs and demands of your customers; this leads to enhanced productivity and an increase in customer satisfaction.

    Frozen applications result in frozen data

    When QuickBooks freezes up, so does the data.  And what good is data when you can’t access it?  All it does is cause the reporting capabilities of QuickBooks to be extremely hindered.  With an ERP system, though, you’ll enjoy 24/7 support, which helps ensure none of your data becomes frozen due to application failure.  Not only will this boost your reporting capabilities, but it will also provide you with better insight in regards to marketing and customer support functions.

    You endure reduced visibility due to multiple locations

    If you have a QuickBooks program for each of your store locations, then you undoubtedly already know how difficult it is to combine the data and perform cross references.  In fact, each store probably seems like it has its own set of individual data.  It’s important, however, that you obtain an overall performance record of your entire company by combining all data.  With NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics, real-time reporting across all store locations and departments becomes possible.  You’ll be able to identify why some stores perform better than others and create appropriate remedies.

    The Takeaway

    As you can see, an outdated reporting software system produces outdated performance reports.  With a modern ERP solution, your company can enjoy real-time reporting.  From improving your inventory management to ensuring accuracy on your accounting projects, NetSuite and other ERP solutions provide an affordable and more effective alternative to QuickBooks.


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