3 Questions Distributors Should Ask to Start Speaking the Customer’s Language

As a distributor, do you believe that you provide a greater value than your competitors at a lower price?

If you answered yes, then you are part of the 90% of distributors who think that, according to a study published in Modern Distribution Management.

Because you feel strongly that your customer’s should know you provide more value at lower costs, it’s likely that you position things like product selection, availability, speed of delivery, pre-sales technical support and professional sales representatives in your messaging to customers.  However, 88% of distributors are saying the same things.

So how do you make your message heard and be recognized for the value that you can provide?  Start promoting the value that the customers are looking for – start speaking their language!

A recent McKinsey & Company survey revealed that customers’ perception of a supplier’s brand had very little to do with their claims of sustainability or global reach, but were instead swayed by messages about supply chain management and specialist market knowledge.

To break through and begin speaking your customer’s language, start by asking yourself these questions:

  1.  Are my competitors saying the same things that I am?  In order to be heard by your customers, you need to be saying something new and different than what your competitors are saying.
  2. What roadblocks are the salesforce running up against?  Your sales people can be a great resource for informing you of the degree to which customer’s perceive that your value aligns with your price.  If the sales team is consistently hearing pricing complaints, which you believe to be invalid, then you should adjust your messaging so that your customers are able to see the value that you are offering that justifies the price.
  3. Is our branding consistent but not stagnant?  With more messaging channels than ever before, it is even more critical that you have standards for communicating your brand and value statements.  However, don’t let your branding get stale just because you are trying to remain consistent.  You still need to be able to adapt your message as the market changes in order to stay relevant and competitive.

The four best ways to appeal to your customers is to be objective, make your value quantifiable, be truthful, and focus on past performance rather than future promises.

When it comes to tracking your messaging and what value statements are appealing to your customers, the right business management solutions are invaluable.  Request a free Distribution Strategy Assessment today to learn how the business systems can help you speak your customers language!