3 Basic Tips for Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting and SmartLists

Read Dynamics GP consultants Jeff Smith & John DeHaven presentation on 3 tips as part of their “Getting More out of Dynamics GP: 50 Tips in 50 Minutes”

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    Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP consultants Jeff Smith and John DeHaven presented these three tips as part of their “Getting More out of Dynamics GP: 50 Tips in 50 Minutes” presentation at Aspire, the annual conference held by Ohio Dynamics Partner, Socius.

    These are basic level tips for Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Ohio Microsoft Great Plains) users:

    Rename SmartList Columns
    If you don’t like columns in your SmartList to have names like ATYALLOC, simply rename them.

    • Open a SmartList
    • Select Columns
    • Pick an item in the Display Name column and change the name
    • Save it as a Favorite to save changes

    Impose Order with Multiple Sorts
    SmartList lets you sort by clicking on the column title.  To sort by multiple columns:

    • Click Search
    • Select Order By
    • Add columns to search by

    Ease Printing with Report Groups
    Report groups let you add multiple reports to a group and then print them all at once.  This feature is especially useful for month end reports.

    • Select Reports within an area (i.e. Sales Reports)
    • Select the Groups option
    • Name the Group
    • Add Report Options (Report Settings*)
    • Run the report

    *It is best to use settings like “Beginning of Previous Month” and “End of Previous Month” in the report options; otherwise you have to change all of the dates and it defeats the purpose of creating the group.

    For intermediate and advanced SmartList and Reporting tips for Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP, access the whole presentation.