Mastering Cannabis Operations

The unique needs and requirements of the cannabis industry are unlike any other. This series will help in your journey to strengthening your business, becoming more agile, and increasing your profits. Join industry and technology experts as they discuss the four key areas in cannabis operations – finances, personnel and production, compliance, and reporting. 

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Mastering Cannabis Operations: Five Steps to Financial Success

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Maintaining a financially healthy business and understanding your cash flow, revenue forecast, and AR/AP implications is vital to the success of your operation. Cannabis producers have specific requirements and KPIs that indicate the success or looming failure of the business. Join industry and technology experts as we discuss the five steps to financial success for cannabis producers including cash flow metrics, streamlined processes, intelligent forecasting, and much more.

Ditch the spreadsheets and learn how technology can help you become more efficient, informed, and profitable.

After this webinar, you’ll understand:

  • how to streamline reporting
  • best practices for evaluating data based on multiple metrics
  • how to understand your costs
  • the value of a single source of truth and eliminating “local knowledge”

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Achieve Financial Success with Cannabis
Mastering Cannabis Operations Personnel, Planning, and Production

Mastering Cannabis Operations: Planning, Production, and Personnel

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Managing a cannabis operation is no simple task and requires strategic planning and streamlined production in order to be successful. Join industry and technology experts as we discuss how leading cannabis producers are becoming more profitable and productive through technology. We’ll dive into the key areas for planning, production, and personnel including:

  • How to predict yield based on production history
  • Best practices for tracking machine usage, labor rates, and inventory
  • Tracking quality measures and monitoring waste and scrap
  • Warehouse automation and management
  • How to eliminate manual processes to enhance efficiency
  • And more

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Mastering Cannabis Operations: Compliance

Wednesday, October 19

2:30 – 3:00 ET

The most important factor for any cannabis producer is ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. Join industry and technology experts as we discuss how you can stay compliant with minimal effort and no manual re-entry into state track and trace systems. We’ll discuss best practices for tracking plant status and locations during growth cycles and more.


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Compliance with Cannabis
Mastering Cannabis Operations Reporting and BI

Mastering Cannabis Operations: Reporting and BI

Wednesday, December 14

2 – 2:30 ET

Business success or failure is told through data and reporting. Join industry and technology experts as we discuss the top reports for cannabis producers, what KPIs to watch for, and how business intelligence and real-time data can help you make more strategic business decisions. You’ll learn how technology can help you visualize information vital to your operation.


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