How does your ERP for professional services measure up

Professional Services: How Does Your ERP System Measure Up?

Regardless of location, size or industry, most companies face unparalleled pressures in today’s fast moving marketplace. Continuous change is increasingly the new normal rather than the exception. The same forces that have disrupted so many businesses, from manufacturing to publishing, are creating challenges and driving change in professional services. Professional services organizations that are best able to anticipate market changes will be better able to innovate and continue to develop value added services that meet customer needs. Today, firms use ERP systems for professional services to better manage their own business, provide value to their clients and make faster, more informed decisions in response to market changes.

Not All ERP Systems for Professional Services Firms Are Created Equal

With the rapidly changing marketplace, increasing complexity and client demands, it only makes sense to do a proactive thorough evaluation of your system to ensure that it has the capability to bridge the gap between business as usual and the trends we are seeing in the professional services marketplace moving forward.

Download the whitepaper to see how your operational efficiency, profitability, project and portfolio management and customer services measure up and utilize the checklist of key requirements of ERP systems for professional services that help firms realize a significant impact on the bottom line.