Customer Expectations are Evolving — Are You?

Today’s digital world is progressively changing the way that clients interact with professional services firms. Client expectations are shaped by day-to-day consumer experiences where immediate responses and on-demand self-service access to information is the norm. Now more than ever, building trusted relationships and maintaining a solid reputation depends on delivery of outstanding and increasingly distinctive experiences—not just for a single project or at executive levels, but consistently across every client interaction. Firms need to embrace new levels of transparency and build a workplace where it’s easy for professionals to find and share information about clients, access all available expertise and apply preferred practices widely.

Today, it is more important than ever to build better relationships with your customers. With the support of technology, the goal of CRM is to have a 360-degree view of the customer which will enable you to improve the quality and satisfaction of each customer interaction and maximize the profitability of your customer relationships – a win/win for both you and your customers.

Unfortunately, many companies approach CRM as principally an IT implementation, which explains many of the failures of companies to achieve their objectives with a new CRM solution. If technology is applied to a faulty business strategy, all that is going to happen is that the company is going to become more efficient at doing the wrong things. A successful CRM strategy requires a clear and concise understanding of the strategy and objectives of your marketing and sales programs.

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