Yale-New Haven Hospital – Dynamics CRM to Increase Operational Efficiency and Prestige for Healthcare Providers

Yale-New Haven Hospital healthcare providers wanted to become a destination medical center in the Northeast. To achieve this growth objective, YNHH needed to increase its operational efficiency and prestige. Keep reading to learn how YNHH enabled growth with a Dynamics CRM Online implementation from Velosio.

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    Velosio Case Study: Yale-New Haven Hospital

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    About the Company

    INDUSTRY: Life Science and Healthcare
    LOCATION: New Haven, CN
    COMPANY SIZE: More than 4,500 physicians and practitioners

    Relying on the skill and expertise of more than 4,500 university and community physicians and advanced practitioners, including more than 600 resident physicians, Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH) provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary, family-focused care in more than 100 medical specialty areas. As the primary teaching hospital for Yale School of Medicine (YSM), they have supervised physician residents and fellows supporting their medical staff by providing around-the-clock coverage and insightful, research-supported patient care

    The Challenge

    Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH), a non-profit world-class medical center, wanted to become a destination hospital in the Northeast. To achieve this growth objective, YNHH needed to increase its operational efficiency and prestige by attracting more patient referrals and transfers.

    Challenges included:

    • Complexity of transfer process—numerous doctors, nurses, administrators and multiple data systems for each individual cases
    • Lack of real-time centralized method of managing, tracking, and communicating during the transfer process
    • Insufficient resources and ineffective processes


    Real-Time Data

    Velosio partnered with YNHH to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a feature-rich, easy-to-use CRM application that could be implemented within a short time frame, and had the scalability needed to accommodate future growth.

    Implementation included:

    • Customization and configuration to address the needs and requirements of the life science and healthcare industries
    • Integration of various data repositories and the phone system into one centralized system to manage the life cycle of the transfer case
    • Creation of dashboards and key performance indicators to provide real-time visibility of patient transfer status, bed assignment and acceptance rates


    • Successful implementation of a 24/7 “Y Access Line”—a single-source phone center for physicians
    • Ability for healthcare providers from other hospitals to speak with a live clinician who can expedite their request for a patient transfer
    • Successful completion of 700 transfers in the first four months the system was in operation; now averaging 250+ transfers a month