What’s New with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2012 R2?

The last 5 months have provided ample time for the users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to play around with the new features and upgrades that became available under the R2 rollout this past early October. The updated provides multitenant deployment, numerous integration abilities, and extending charting capabilities.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 solution now supports multitenant deployment in addition to the classic one-server-one-database deployment, according to the Microsoft Developer Network for NAV 2013 R2 Deployment Architecture. This allows multiple customers to be added to your solution as multiple companies can now access one, centrally maintained NAV application. The goal is to roll out updates universally to limit downtime for customers.

Along with a multitenant deployment, Microsoft Office 365 is also supported. Now NAV data in the form of List, Worksheet, or ListPlus page can be opened in Excel. In addition, budgets can be imported/exported and reports can be printed via Excel. Microsoft OneNote is also available to share information, or synchronize notes to customers, items, or invoices. OneNote is not available in multitenant deployments.

One of the most prominent upgrades revolves around the enhanced charts for Dynamics NAV 2012. There are several new charts that Microsoft has added to the chart library and they can also be customized to various degrees, such as changing the chart type, displaying charts in 3D, or flipping either axis. You can also display data as a chart using the Analysis Display function. For additional displays, the Chart Control Add-in provides users the capability to create complex custom charts.

Whether you’re a developer, administrator, or IT professional, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2012 R2 provides numerous enhancements to the NAV product. Our expert SBS Group NAV team from Central Pennsylvania will education and demonstrate these features on April 22nd. You can register here.

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