What’s New in Document Attachment in Dynamics GP 2018

Hopefully, you have had the chance to check out the exciting new features available with the recently released Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. There is so much stuff packed into this enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that it can take a while to get familiar with things. Some of the newest features we want to bring attention to are the three document attachment enhancements.

Document Attachment Transaction Entry

The Document Attach setup was revamped with new functionality features for more versatility. If you are new to this software, you’ll have to give permissions first by going into the Document Attachment Setup and clicking on the top box to allow the feature. From there, you can now find the Document Attach tab (the paperclip symbol) in both the Receivables Transaction Entry window as well as the Transaction Entry window in the General Ledger.

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Document Attachment Inquiry

In addition to attaching documents into transactions, you can now view attachments in inquiry windows. Which ones? You can see the Document Attach tab in the Employee Inquiry window, I-9 Form window, Asset Inquiry window, Vendor Inquiry window, Customer Inquiry window, Project Inquiry window, and PA Project Inquiry window. In addition, you can also view Notes in many of these windows.

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Document Attachment PM Drill Back

The third document feature involves the ability to edit transaction attachments and notes when drilled into from the Payables Edit Transaction window. To do this, have the Transaction window open and have the pointer on the Purchasing entry. Click on the Edit Transactions feature and drill back on the featured Number link until you reach the one you want to edit. After that, just edit the desired note or attachment.

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Providing more user-friendly options right at your fingertips is what you will find when using Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018. Check out the Document Attachment feature and get your work finished more efficiently.

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