Velosio Fresh Produce Software: Automated Traceability for Compliance and Audit-readiness

Farms need automated traceability and business analytics to prepare for audit or compliance checks. Learn how Velosio can help today!

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    There is a major shift happening today in the automation of growing, packing and shipping of fruits and vegetables. More and more farms are looking for automated traceability and business analytics that show a detailed description of where produce has been shipped and where it came from—critically important for compliance and recall management.

    To growers, packers and shippers of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Velosio FRESH is the supply chain solution that digitizes and modernizes production and distribution from field to fork. Through automated transactions, data cleanliness and operational transparency, Velosio FRESH prepares you for audit or compliance checks.

    Velosio FRESH connects, captures and delivers all your business management data in real time from one end of the supply chain to the other.

    With the combined power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and LINKFRESH, fresh food distributors are equipped with audit-ready data to remain compliant with legislation and standards thanks to the produce traceability software. Velosio FRESH ensures food safety and quality assurance with real-time data capture and retrieval.

    Why Velosio Fresh for Your ERP and Produce Traceability Software?

    Our Adaptable Implementation Methodology and industry expertise makes us uniquely positioned to bring the cloud-based functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations + LINKFRESH to Fresh Food Producers and distributors with an affordable price-point and timely execution.

    “The deployment of the LINKFRESH ERP solution was part of an ongoing business wide initiative to establish common practices, standards and systems throughout the Group. We are transparent now and can make better business decisions based on better data, and we have full traceability now too.”

    Ricardo Crisantes
    Vice President, Wholesum Harvest


    Download the fact sheet to learn about Velosio Fresh’s supply chain management and operations capabilities, consignment tools, other key functions.