Gaining Visibility and Control: The Power of Velosio and KwikTag by Paymerang Partnership

In business, the call for agility, and efficiency grows stronger. The Velosio and KwikTag by Paymerang partnership can get you there!

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    In the ever-evolving realm of business, adaptability is the cornerstone of success for finance leaders. As the horizon of 2024 approaches, the call for agility, and efficiency grows stronger. The partnership between Velosio and KwikTag by Paymerang is an exemplary testament to addressing these challenges head-on, particularly in the domain of invoice management.

    KwikTag by Paymerang’s SimplyAP simplifies the entire invoice process. SimplyAP for Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based accounts payable automation solution that streamlines invoice capture with AI-based OCR, purchase order matching, and transaction creation in Business Central.

    Tackling Invoice Processing with AI-Powered Efficiency

    With the surge in transactions and data, manual data entry isn’t just tedious—it’s risky. SimplyAP allows businesses to dramatically diminish the challenges of manual data entry. Not only does this result in significant time savings, but it also:

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    • Ensures accuracy: By eliminating human error, companies can gain better confidence in their invoice data.
    • Prevents duplicates & delays: The AI OCR prevents any duplicate payments and ensures timely disbursements.
    • Enhances security: By automating the process, the risk of fraud is considerably diminished.
    • Cost efficiency: By harnessing the power of automation, businesses can reduce invoice processing costs by an impressive 80%.

    Streamlining Workflows for Greater Visibility and Control

    The partnership has redefined the invoice workflow landscape. Traditional systems might take up to 45 days for invoice processing. With the SimplyAP solution, this timeframe is slashed to mere hours. The benefits are numerous:

    • Regulatory compliance: KwikTag by Paymerang ensures adherence to various regulatory and audit requirements, thus fortifying the cash management process.
    • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics: Seamless integration with D365 Business Central ensures that invoice transactions are automatically created and managed efficiently.
    • Enhanced ERP experience: AP automation is tailored to enrich the Microsoft Dynamics ERP experience, making it a holistic solution.

    Future-Proofing Businesses with Cloud AP Automation

    In the age of digital transformation, cloud deployment is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity. KwikTag by Paymerang’s cloud AP automation offers:

    • Focus on Value-Driven Tasks: By automating mundane tasks, employees can concentrate on roles that add more value to the business.
    • Anywhere Access: With cloud automation, the entire invoice process and its audit trail become accessible anytime, anywhere.
    • Automatic Updates: Without the need to worry about server maintenance, businesses are always on the cutting edge with KwikTag by Paymerang.

    Affordability Like Never Before

    Cost has always been a driving factor for businesses, small or large. The SimplyAP solution is designed to be:

    • Cost-Effective: Cloud deployment comes at less than half the cost of traditional on-prem solutions.
    • No Hidden Charges: With a transparent pricing model, businesses don’t have to worry about hidden fees or implementation costs.
    • Affordable for All: Usage-based pricing determined by invoice volume, unlimited users and $0 implementation fees.

    With over 100,000 business users placing their trust in KwikTag by Paymerang to simplify their AP processes, it’s evident that the Velosio and KwikTag by Paymerang partnership has revolutionized the way businesses approach invoice management.

    At Velosio, we are proud to be a part of this journey, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of AP automation. Together, we are setting the benchmark for efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.

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